Garager Explained

Who is looking after your car? We hope you're never asked this uncomfortable question. But if you are, we now have the answer – Garager! We made Garager because the smart home doesn't end with the house – it at least extends to the garage!

Quick And Easy Setup

Download Garager

Download and install the Alcidae App from the App Store or Google Play Store

Connect to WiFi

Pair your Garager device with your wireless router using the Alcidae App.

Connect to Opener

Connect Garager's open and close wires into your pre-existing garage motor's wiring and enjoy!


Night Vision

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean you have to. Make sure to keep an eye on things with night vision!

Sound Alerts

Sound alerts for when you don't know who accidentally rearranged the garage with their car.

Cloud Video

Missed something? Not anymore! Keep those crucial moments safe and secure with a rolling cloud subscription.

Take Pictures

Snap a pic and share your pride and joy (whatever is in your garage) with the world! Did anyone say “garage sale?"


Do you just want things just to work on there own? Garager can offer predictive and automatic services to help make things easier.


Set up a schedule to automatically open your garage, take photos and videos, or interact with other smart devices!

Remote Control

Taking a vacation? Need to let the family into the garage? No biggie – open it up from wherever you are. Happy travels!


Let Garager open the door for you. After all, you deserve to be spoiled!


Peace of mind with Garager. Your car will thank you!

With Garager, simply enjoy the satisfaction of constantly knowing whats going on in your garage, total transparency! Moreover, since Garager is connected with your garage door opener, you could easily remote control it through the Alcidae App.