Garager Installation and FAQs

What should I do if my Wifi does not reach my garage?

There are a few ways to resolve this issue. Please consider buying a WiFi extender or repeater dependent on your WiFi infrastructure. Additionally, please pair your Garager device with the application while in close proximity to the router and only after successfully pairing the device with the app, try and test the WiFi connection in your garage.

Do I need any tools for installing my Garager?

Yes – but not too many! You will need a small Flathead screwdriver as well a tool to strip the plastic casing off of the end of the Garager wiring.

How can I turn off Motion and Sound Alerts?

Please navigate to your device settings by clicking on your device video screen and then clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. From there please click on security settings and then on motion detection. You can alter your security settings from this interface or turn them completely off.

How do I install Garager?

First add the Garager to your account, and click the garage door operation button to view a instruction of installation.

If you can't install the Garager properly after hitting the installation button on app:

1. Does the Garager show an indicator green light? If the green light is not lit, the connecting cable is not connected to Garager correctly or the hardware has a problem, please try to insert the cables into Garager fully by further pushing it towards the end.

2. If the green light is on, check the light on the wall switch and press the wall switch to see if the door can be opened or closed. When you click the open/close button at the button of app, you should hear two click sound within the machine.If you heard the click sounds, the relay is operating normally and this excludes the influence of the internal magnet.

Next, we would need to verify the GDO compatibility. You can use the original small wall switch of the motor to operate the garage door switch then re-do the pairing process (don't reset device or power off just re-do the pairing process). If still fails this means that the device is likely not compatible with the motor. Please contact us for additional help!

3. If the wall switch in step 2 does not work properly or you only hear one click, you can try to power off the Garager, take it off any metal railings or magnetic surface and re-do the pairing process. If then the device is then paired, it is because of the magnetic interference between the relay and the device. After the pairing process is completed you can reattach it to any surface you want.