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Our Story

What is Alcidae? Well technically speaking, Alcidae refers to the family name of an auk or alcid bird. Notably, these birds can both fly and swim. This allows them to seamlessly interact with their environment – they also are beautiful to behold. Here at Alcidae, we strive for seamlessly integrated smart devices that look smashing to boot.

Allow us to explain...

Comfortably located in San Francisco, Alicidae is perfectly positioned to push the boundaries of hardware in the IoT space. Smart homes are our passion, and we are working to shape the direction of the smart living revolution. How do we do this? By creating one-of-a-kind devices that enhance and compliment a user’s life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make intuitive devices that can make things you already do a little bit easier. If we were to describe our devices with one word, it would be “seamless” because they are used when and only when they are needed. There is no need to uproot your old home – what’s so smart about that? Let Alicidae handle the heavy lifting so you can, well, live a little smarter.